What We Do

Discovering Cheating or Stealing Partners (girlfriend, wife, husband or business associates) in Thailand!

Fidelity Check, Surveillance, premarital Background Check…

Do you have a girlfriend, wife, husband, boyfriend in BangkokPattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai or elsewhere in Thailand?

Are you wondering if your spouse is cheating on you? Or wondering what your girlfriend or boyfriend is doing when you are not with her/him? If there’s that remnant of doubt in your heart about his or her fidelity giving you sleepless nights, and you wish there was some way you could be sure. We can help you! Employing us is like having a Private Spy inThailand!

Is this familiar to you:

  • You are a Farang (non-Thai), who came down and settle in Thailand with the dream of happy matrimonial life, but lately, your Thai wife decided to have one ladies night per week with her friends… Is it really just a ladies night or is it something else? The question is boring deep into your conscious, and you want to know the truth. We can help!

  • You are supporting your Thai girlfriend from aboard by sending her monthly allowances because she says that she has only you in her life… Recently, when you call her, her phone is often closed, or when she answers, you hear some suspicious voice in the background! What is really going on? Ask us for help!
  • You are an expatriates wife living in Bangkok, and your husband comes back very late often from work, and says that he is tired, not in the mood, and keeps on complaining about having to do a lot of work… Is he tired from work only? Or is it his new, young and beautiful secretary who keeps him late at the office or maybe somewhere else? We can be your Private Spy! Just Ask!
  • You are aboard and your husband comes often to Thailand “for business”. He says that he has to! But why is it more and more often? And why does he look to enjoy his trips so much? Does he have somebody there? Or does he enjoy Bangkok’s nightlife?

We cater to a plethora of cases ranging from an infidel girlfriend to a cheating husband or even unfaithful gay partners. When needed, we pursue the case extensively until enough proof for the husband or wife’s infidelity has been collected (for clients who wish to seek a divorce). We are proud of our extremely stealthy and efficient working strategy that guarantees you access to the truth. We assure you, there is nothing incorrect in wanting to know if your husband or wife is cheating on you.

Thailand Investigation .com” is the one-stop solution to all your fidelity checks needs. We are a professional team of highly proficient and competent Private Investigators that specialize in not just Bangkok spying services but also all throughout Thailand (like Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, Surin…).

Even if, you have a little reminiscence of doubt in your mind, our Agents are there for you… We stand out from all other Thailand Spy agencies, as we are (to my knowledge) the only Private Eye and PI organization here, to use the latest technology including state of the art GPS tracking devices, spy programs in cell phones and in computers, hidden and digital camera, voice recording….

With years of experience in the industry, we cater only to foreigners and expatriates living in the country or aboard. We understand the sensitivity of the cases and secrecy, therefore, in 90% of the cases, there is absolutely no personal meeting with the client. All the information exchange cane takes place through emails (you can use a pseudonym), Skype, SMS or telephone calls. But if you prefer, we can meet you in Bangkok at our office, at your place or maybe at the local Starbuck Coffee! Confidentiality guarantee!

Background of our Team:

We are a team of highly proficient investigators that consist of local Professional Thai Detectives very well trained in all Spy techniques, and with many years of experience, led by an ex-police investigator from Brussels (Belgium), in Thailand from 1988.

We provide our customers excellent investigation services through our valuable experience and expertise to handle such cases. Language is no bar for us as we are fluent in English, French, and Thai. Therefore, to cut out that acrid doubt which is burning you from inside, and is making your life an abyss of despair, choose “Thailand Investigation .com” your best “Thailand Spy Agency”!