Our Private Investigators Partners!

As everyone can understand (confidentiality), we cannot give you references from our private customers! Nobody wants to say publicly, that they are happy we caught them cheating wife or husband! Nobody wants, that other person, knows that they have been duped by them “loving girlfriend” for more than one year, before receiving from us, the proofs that she was still “in the Game” and had 4 other “Sponsors” simultaneously!!!

We could have made up some testimonial, by inspiring us from private emails we received from our satisfied customers, and telling you that we changed names and locations to keep the confidentiality of our customers…  But it would be against our philosophy => “The Truth and Only the Truth”!

So, as the privacy and confidentiality of our customers are one of our top priorities, we decided not to show you any personal testimonial!

But what we can do! Is to give you links, to some of our long time, estimates International “Private Investigators” Partners (including the name of one of our contact person in those entities). We provide them Professional Investigations and Detectives services throughout Thailand (include: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket…).