How to Choose a P.I. in Thailand

How to choose a Private Investigator in Thailand (No Professional license).
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Be careful: Thailand does not have Professional License for Private Investigators and Detectives like in the US or in many other countries! And because the Net makes it easy for unscrupulous peoples (or dreamers) to create a website and declare them-self: Thailand Investigators, Private Eye Pattaya, Private Investigator Bangkok, Phuket Investigator, Spy Bangkok … MANY websites out there are in the hands of non-qualified individuals! The best you can expect is “poor quality” outcome! And sometimes they just take your money and do not do anything in exchange!

So! Knowing that… What to do?

  • First of all, you should look if a “Business Name” and an address is mentioned on the websites! Not only a “Contact Us” form and a cell phone number (unregistered, prepaid), like many.
    • Our commercial designation (LP Concept Co., Ltd), our full address (252/7 Soi 28/1 Samakorn Village, Ramkamhang 112 Rd, Sapansung, 10240 Bangkok Thailand), our fixed phone line (02/373.49.86), our fax number (02/372.21.66), and even our Managing Director personal cell phone number is on our “Contact Us” page! And yes, for your facility we also have a “Contact Us” form!
  • Department of Business DevelopmentLook if the Private Investigators Agency has a “commercial” title and is registered on the DBD (Department of Business Declaration). ALL Official Agency are required to be registered! When you’ll do the search with the DBD, don’t insert space and special character between the corporate name and use the option “begin with” for a better result.
    • Our business registration number is 0105545076734. Our company was created in 2002 in Bangkok and the registered activities are “Investigations, Loss Prevention, and Security”!
  • Do the agency is a member of any trusted Private Investigators or Detectives Association?
    • We are an active member of the “World Association of Detectives” (founded in 1925) and observe the highest ethical practice!
  • Look the website domain name with Whois! Some websites are owned by people’s or companies that have hundreds of domains…
    • “LP Concept Co., Ltd.” is the owner of “ThailandInvestigations .com“. The three other domains we own: two of them are about bodybuilding (non-commercial) in Thailand (Michel Mauquoi loves to lift weights and his son: Amaury Mauquoi is a professional bodybuilder). The third is “private eye thailand .com” but we did not start anything for this domain in respect of one of our concurrent with a similar designation!
  • Google searchGoogle search the “Company”, the “Owner’s” and/or the “Managing Director’s” name (if you can find it) and separately “the address”! You may learn very interesting things! Like… that the same person has 4, 5 or even more different business activities!
  • Please do it also “about” us: our “commercial name” (LP Concept Co., Ltd.), the name of our “Managing Director” (Michel Mauquoi), our “address”… Look what you get and compare! We believe that to be really good at something, you need to specialize! Michel is a former Belgium Police Investigator, in the country more than 24 years already! We do not have an English teaching school, a translation business or a web design and SEO firm… We are not professional Marketeers! But we are Registered Professional Privates Investigators!

We are not lawyers. We work often with them. We can recommend some to you (if you need them) but we don’t do them job and we do not pretend we would be good at it! Also, I cannot imagine them being efficient Private Investigators (no offense).

Look carefully other “Private Investigators Agencies” websites in Thailand!

Do as I explained her up. And you’ll understand what I’m talking about!

We are “thailand investigations .com” and we are here to help you!

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